Hair accessories— Dress up your hair!
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Hair accessories— Dress up your hair!

Hair accessories— Dress up your hair!

You know the saying “less is more,” but we don’t really believe it all the time! In this case, the more, the merrier.  

We love vintage style barrettes and bobby pins.

Wear multiple in your hair or go for a subtle look with one or two bobby pins.

You’ve probably worn some kind of hair accessories before, so you know how fun they can be! With spring coming soon, we thought we bring you a collection to get your ready for that fun and flirty season!

Now, we’re all about following trends, but you can’t deny that nothing beats fun year-round classics!

Take the hair clip trend— it’s bobby pins, barrettes, hairpins, ponytail holders, and tiaras are so simple, yet they add a romance, edge, and nostalgia all in one look!  Whether they remind us of grade school or our mom’s pinning their hair back as they cook for the family, or putting on your ‘ready-for-business ponytails, these hair accessories will never go out of style.

Still, we’ve noticed that these hair accessories are pretty trendy and taking the spotlight at the moment. It’s not the dull hair accessories, however! We’re talking about hair clips with pretty pearls and crystals and prints that everyone is looking for now!  With the 1928 Hair Jewelry collection, well, we hit the jackpot! Their vintage style is precisely what makes them, so fun to wear.

Keep your hair interesting

with hair clips, barrettes, bobby-pins and all things hair-jewelry.

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