Accessories we love!
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Accessories we love!

Accessories we love!

Accessories women love: Lipstick Cases and Compact Mirrors

Why do we love compact mirrors so much!?

They’re classy and timeless. There are so many choices of compact mirrors, we don’t need to look at an exclusive source for these loved accessories. With a beautiful compact mirror, there’s no need to glance at a window or pull out your phone. Just tuck these handy accessories in your purse and voila!  

Behold the power of lipstick, and the beautiful and practical holders!

If you’re like us, you know love lipstick! Yes, we love lipstick—We love the way it makes us feel. We love applying it ceremoniously.

And because you love it, you want to keep it safe and show off the significance and importance of your lipstick. And what better way to do it than with a lipstick holder.

Here are a few vintage style vintage style lipstick holders and vintage style compact mirrors we love.

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