Vintage-style Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Decor
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Vintage-style Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Decor

Vintage-style Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Decor

Making magical and memorable days

The ancient tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is said to go back to 16th century Germany. People decorated evergreen trees with candles, pastries, apples, and other available fruit-They referred to this as paradise trees. Later, these trees were decorated with other “meaningful” items that were handy, like angels and stars shaped ornaments, paper streamers. In today’s modern world, we continue this long tradition integrating our family rituals and familiarity.

Today, the Christmas tree has lost most of its religious significance. It has become a worldwide winter holiday with various cultures and tradition, and of all faiths around the world await that precious time of year when they can bring in new ornament with significant meaning.

If you’re like us, Christmas time is such a special time for your family, and you probably take such care and time in planning your memorable holidays.  We love the traditions that of the season! Cooking holiday meals, getting our tree, trimming the tree, hanging stockings, and choosing the ornaments carefully and methodically. It is such a magical time and having your loved ones choose ornaments with you only amplifies the magic of the holidays.

Bring in new holiday traditions or continue old ones. With these beautiful ornaments and picture frames, you can get started.

Whether it’s your wedding photo or a candid vacation snapshot, give a cherished photograph a boost of vintage style with these heirloom quality picture frames.

Charming, vintage style Christmas ornaments will bring sparkling accents this Holiday season.

Enjoy the magic of the season!  Warm up with new traditions and friends and family

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