The Art of Gift-Giving
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The Art of Gift-Giving

The Art of Gift-Giving

Mindful gift-giving made easy!

Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.

We love to give all year long.  With many days of the year and various personal traditions, no wonder there are so many public and private, more personal events we celebrate!

We have lots of opportunities for gift-giving through out the year.

Now, not everyone thinks to personalize a gift, but we certainly love to give.  Give, mindfully. Put a lot of thought into it and offer something special, something that will awe them.

TIP: Give to yourself, first. If you feel the smile and joy it will bring them, then it’s worth it.

When you choose a gift for a particular person, it is usually an expression of our friendship, gratitude, or love. Whether it’s a small gesture or an extravagant one, these are gifts to celebrate or to acknowledge the relationship. And some of the most special gifts are the ones that are “just because.” But whatever your reason is, your gift will be genuinely meaningful and from the heart.

How can you select that special gift? Well, that’s the art of it-The art of gift giving.

A gift that evokes emotion is one that will be memorable.

Of course, gifts should be given based on the occasion and type of relationship you have with the recipient.

When you personalize a gift, it means that you should know something about the person to whom you are giving the gift. If a friend or loved one is going through a tough emotional time, a small gift to show you are thinking of them, or showing you care is appropriate.

They will always remember your thoughtfulness.

Another type of gift can be a motivational boost reminder! If you and your friend share a common goal, you may want to

give a gift that reflects and symbolizes your time, adventure and journey together.

There are times when “just because” gifts are appropriate.

An even more special gift is one that you give with no thought of getting one in return. Giving a gift “just because” makes the gift even more special–you will be as satisfied with the gift that you give as your friend or loved one who receives it.

Think of the friend who can’t make up her mind. you know, the one that likes choices!

Inter-changeable jewelry is very popular – it’s like having three necklaces in one.

TIP: Plan ahead. Take time to think and process why you are giving them a special gift and what you hope to convey to your loved ones.

It can be a, “Wow, when I saw this, I thought about you” kind of gift!

A personal gift can also be to someone you’ve just met!

However, the special people that have only recently come into your life may require a little more thinking. For an example, you would not give someone you just met a box of chocolates. You’d have to find out what their tastes are,  or are they on a diet. But, little jewelry and accessories are mostly always well received!

Give them something that is pleasing, satisfies and brings them joy in some way. Your gift is a message.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate.  Some items fit most budgets! If you see something on sale now, buy it and put it away until you plan to give it. But, remember, you can always give it early!

TIP: Give from the heart. Notes and letters that come from your heart show a mindful connection.

Don’t just pick up anything random. The art of gift giving means that you know the person for whom the gift is intended.

Personalize your gift with a handwritten note.

Is your friend a writer with an old soul? You can also seal your letter with a wax stamp! Better yet, once you’ve sealed your letter, give them the wax kit as a gift. It shows you’ve made a conscientious effort to select that “something special” for them and it adds to the Wow factor.

Wax Seal Stamps are thoughtful (not to mention a bit nostalgic and romantic) and make a lovely gift. 

TIP: Create traditions of Mindful gift-giving. Give gifts that represent your dreams, adventures, memories and times together. 

When you share a bond with someone, give them a “twin” (or triplet) gift. One for you and one for them!

Give gifts that represent your connection and your appreciating for them.

Happy gift-giving!

And, as the old saying goes, it’s better to give than to receive.

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