Make it personal with initial jewelry
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Make it personal with initial jewelry

Make it personal with initial jewelry

Celebrate your individuality with the classic go-to! 

Jewelry has always been a favorite accessory to create an individual look, but 1928 jewelry initial collections can make it more personal, yet.

When it comes to personal jewelry…we love letters.

The romantic initial letters hang off fine chains and sit effortlessly at a flattering length. 

If you’re like most women, about four to five times a year, you ’ll reach for a statement bracelet, necklace or earrings, but what happens the rest of the year? I bet, your jewelry choices are pretty simple, meaningful and minimal. Still, I put on some jewelry pieces. Because, if there is ever a time that I forget to put on any jewelry, I feel completely naked.

It’s a fashionable way to wear something that is meaningful to you.

From classic, simple pendants to triple chain necklaces, I’ll wear something! One kind has always been attractive and still makes a statement while being understated, is my initial jewelry. I love classic, vintage-style and modern personalized jewelry. It’s a sweet way to wear something that is meaningful to you.

Whether you wear your initials or your mom’s, or daughters or son’s initial, what you wear has meaning and makes your jewelry pieces more relevant.

With the holidays quickly approaching, a thoughtful piece of jewelry may be the perfect thing to get for your loved ones. You’ll warm the hearts of your friends, daughters, mothers, and sisters with something so simple, yet so meaningful and beautiful as personalized initial jewelry.

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