Let your ears do the talking with earrings
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Let your ears do the talking with earrings

Let your ears do the talking with earrings

Accessorizing with earrings brings a little interest around your face.  They add color, interest, and p’zazz! Earrings give an instant “up-do” to your hair, they give your face a “make-over,” and add instant style to an outfit. Earrings can be high-end, low-end, antiques, vintage style, modern, and everything in between. They don’t need to be over-the-top, but they will instantly give you presence and impact.

We love the look of tassel and chandelier earrings. They are flirty and feminine and make a bold statement. We are madly in love with them!

We adore the significant impact they have in your style, without the effect on your budget. These 1928Jewelry earrings are lightweight and speak a thousand words.

Earrings and the impact they have in your style.

Because these earrings are priced right and are lightweight, they will not give you a pesky headache! Earrings must be light and comfortable for you to enjoy wearing them entirely.

Soft hues and filigree earrings are always an excellent choice for you if you to glam up your outfits. Also, chandelier and tassel gold-tone earrings have such rich texture and detailing, and they dangle and hang delicately making them look extra feminine and playful.

When wearing chandelier and other longer dangling earrings, you don’t need to worry about having too many colors or details on your clothes. Because your earrings will make a significant impact on your look already, you can style them with heels, boots, sandals or your favorite shoe of the day.

We are madly in love with them!

Tassel earrings will, either add a touch of glamour and sparkle or make the whole outfit! Earrings are your secret weapon as you will look put together no matter what you’re wearing and no matter what your budget is. 1928Jewelry has a wide variety of affordable earrings.

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