How to style your jewelry
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How to style your jewelry

How to style your jewelry

Get creative and love how you feel in your jewelry!

Summer is over! The Holidays are fast approaching. Start to prepare for upcoming parties! You’ll have the office, house parties and cocktail parties ahead.
We’ve gathered ideas to help you get ready for all things Holidays.
Remember, the holidays allow us to turn up the volume! So, turn it up with sparkling jewelry!

Chances are you already own a good selection of necklaces. To make a dazzling holiday statement, try layering short,  and longer chains together. Wear them with your an open-scoop or v-neck blouse. Alternatively, go for this beautiful statement necklace!

This fine wine-leaf statement necklace features pave clear crystals along with crystal stone centered on each leaf. You’ll dazzle!

Statement earrings are still the best way to light up a holiday night! Try a gorgeous pair of drop-style earrings. Check out earrings and other fashion jewelry and fine jewelry here.


Forget the typical red sweater!  Get creative this season!

Are you wearing a casual outfit or a simple silky dress? Bring them to life with something as simple as this long necklace. Coordinate this beautiful Faberge egg necklace with any wardrobe. It’s also a locket! It makes a simple statement!

Look for a wide variety of glittering vintage-style accessories for your holidays. Remember, the important thing is to feel glamorous and comfortable, and let your jewelry bring you joy!

Photographer and Model: Ursula Maria

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