Cat personality and cat jewelry
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Cat personality and cat jewelry

Cat personality and cat jewelry

Embrace your inner feline.

As one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, a cat symbolizes quite a bit. You may find yourself identifying with this four-legged animal as it expresses freedom, mystery, magic, independence, sensuality and, of course, curiosity.

So because you identify, with all these traits, it’s entirely possible your spirit animal is a cat.

If you have the cat totem, you’re probably happy roaming around independently.
People may perceive you as an aloof and mysterious being as your sense of freedom and independence keeps everyone guessing.

Although you may not see yourself as mysterious, you carry yourself in such a free-spirited manner that you become a magical, sensual being. Carry on, you feline-loving woman!

We salute you and your feline ways.

At certain times of the year, people are careful of cat encounters. Don’t fret with superstition, embrace your cat encounters as they bring curiosity and insight. As your spirit animal, you can see more than meets the eye – more than what others see. Your sense of independence and freedom allow you to take risks and go further than others.

As your totem animal, a cat’s spirit and traits are quite visible in your personality. You’re very independent, perceptive, protective, and quite intelligent.
With these magical traits and, since “cats have nine lives,” you can afford to take an occasional significant risk here and there.

Well, with your agility, you land smoothly on your feet, just like your totem animal. So it’s no wonder that because of your magic and spiritual power you’re often regarded as being in pursuit of enlightenment or perceived as enlightening others. The people around will curiously see you both as a teacher and protector, and as someone they, themselves need to protect.

Well, with all this mystery and curiosity it’s no wonder you are known to have a sensual and alluring personality. Your sensuality, instinctively draws people to you, allowing you to be a very influential person. However, because you are quite insightful, so you know who is honest and trustworthy and can withdraw yourself from dangerous situations or people.

You’re a feline, trust your instincts.

Represent your totem animal with these perfect cat jewelry pieces.

Cat Necklaces, cat bracelets and cat earrings! We’ve got the purr-fect cat jewelry pieces for you!

National Cat Day is Monday, October 29!

Playful Cat! Perfect pair of wire earrings crafted in pewter that features kitty cat charms. Clear crystal beads complete the look. Made in USA.

Alluring cat eye glass beads necklace!

Dazzling rich-cut rondelle beads and three crystal clusters encircle together to form a layered and enchanted statement necklace that will surely turn heads.

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