What Jewelry Are Celebrities Wearing?
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What Jewelry Are Celebrities Wearing?

What Jewelry Are Celebrities Wearing?

Quite a few celebrities are sporting 1928 jewelry!

A whimsy dragonfly ring and locket rings are a special way to make statement!

With easy access to so many jewelry pieces in the world, you’d think these ladies would be strutting around clothed in diamonds, right?

Of course, you’ll also see them sporting Cartier, but they’re looking good in these everyday pieces from our 1928 Jewelry collection.  Some pieces are made in California!

Zen-like with an edge. Gorgeous Olivine stretch bracelets and green peridot stretch bracelets are perfect year round.

Many of the pieces in our collections have not only been used for their everyday style, these celebrities have taken them to work- So, our jewelry has been spotted in various sitcoms!

Amethyst is always so soothing. Subtle sweetness in our beaded amethyst necklaces.

1928 Jewelry has been spotted in the red carpet as well. In case you’re like most of us, you’re probably enthralled with their outfits and some of the most jaw-dropping, phenomenal jewelry the most well known celebs are wearing.

Sophisticated and playful amethyst beaded earrings

Tripple strand necklaces are an easy way to dress up any outfit!

We have collaborated with many studios and celebrities at fashion expos. Not only is it fun, but it brings us such joy to see our designer jewelry is so loved.

Our jewelry collections are affordable and heirloom-quality. We have plenty for under $100.

We love the various fashion styles and  generations of celebrities who’ve been spotted wearing 1928 Jewelry.

Various shades of pink and purple beaded necklaces are some of our favorites.

Various shades of silver-tone jet jewelry adds pizazz. 

One of our fun accessories: Stretch cocktail ring 

Playful, fun, sultry and always in style: Tassel earrings and Chandelier earrings

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