We love butterflies
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We love butterflies

We love butterflies

Our endless love for the magic of butterflies and retro butterfly jewelry. 

They’re a fragile insect fluttering around, yet this delicate insect is very strong.
It’s been flying and fluttering around the world for millions of years. Moreover, nearly all great civilizations, many religions, and spiritual traditions revere this delicate creature.

It represents personal transformation. The spirit of the butterfly’s message is to remind you of your great ability to go through significant changes with grace, lightness, and joy.

For these and other reasons, we adore this fluttering friend. Honor your free spirit (and totem animal) with one of these lovely pieces from the 1928 Jewelry feminine butterfly collection.

Butterfly pendants are timeless, and be can be worn short or with the longer chains They, not only bring sparkle, they bring us joy.

If you’re looking for a gift for a butterfly enthusiast, look no further. These beautiful earrings make the perfect gift for a woman who likes delicate jewelry with a hint of statement! Despite their small size, they are potent symbols.

Re-imagine how you can wear this inspirational fluttering totem. Bangles, earring, and necklaces! Oh my! We can’t get enough butterfly jewelry. They’re quite magical.

As delicate and frail as butterflies might be, this butterfly choker gives you that extra, edge. Wear a delicate, yet strong spirit animal.

Bright golds can often look cheap and tacky, but add subtle shades of amethyst and it tones down the bright. This necklace is bold enough with its lovely butterfly design is particularly feminine.

Get inspired by dream chasers and dream catchers alike.

An airy leaf pendant is sprinkled with aqua blue crystals in this delicate delicate butterfly pendant.

The flight of the butterfly seems endless. This gorgeous multi colored enamel butterfly pendant displays precisely that feeling, with its never-ending beauty.

Discover the magical stages of butterflies, and discover the wondrous stages of you!

Unlock the dreamy and radiant butterfly in you.

Don’t forget butterfly hair accessories. There’s nothing more magical than having a butterfly land on and play with your hair.

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