Celebrating 50 years of style, design, and fashion.
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Celebrating 50 years of style, design, and fashion.

Celebrating 50 years of style, design, and fashion.

Did you know, Melvyn Bernie founded the 1928 Jewelry Company in 1968?


For 50 years, Mel Bernie and his talented team have sought new and innovative ideas to create finished jewelry that lets us remember and long for the past wistfully. Since its opening day in 1968, the 1928 Jewelry Company family have hopped from one milestone of creative jewelry-making to the next. Together, with many inspiring, and creative minds of their era, we have embarked in making stunning, heirloom-quality jewelry pieces.

We specialize in reproductions and interpretations of antique jewelry designs while keeping up with our contemporary fashion world. Throughout the years, our jewelry has perpetually inspired and brought joy and satisfaction.

Today, 1928 Jewelry is still one of the largest standing jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. To commemorate our 50 year anniversary and achievement, we want to celebrate by honoring you, our faithful customers.

We thank you for your loyalty and continuous support.

We have curated our most memorable jewelry pieces and would like to offer you 50 percent off our 50th-Anniversary Collection.  Enjoy this unique collection that’s been thoughtfully created just for you.

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