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For those who love all things Victorian, vintage cameos will satisfy your nostalgic desire!

Add vintage flair to any ensemble with cameos. Your accessories should be as memorable as your days.
These antique-inspired cameos have been carefully crafted to create genuinely timeless pieces that you’ll treasure for many years to come.

Ancient carving traditions were once used to tell stories and record events.
We have taken that timeless tradition and transformed the cameo into wearable, miniature sculptures.

Woman wearing a cameo at her throat, on a high lace collar in the Edwardian style. Source wikipedia

Each piece is different, telling its unique story.

Cameos are immediately recognizable as something glamorous from another era. Whether you wear them as a pin, a necklace or charms on a bracelet, each relief carving has its own story to tell as well as the woman who wears it.

Cameos are immediately recognizable as something glamorous from another era. Cameos were quite popular during the Victorian era, approximately 1837 – 1901. It was during this era when the profile cameo, rather than other front-facing designs, became the most popular of the designs.
In the fifteenth or sixteenth century, cameos were introduced in a “raised” design. Designs were engraved or carved on the top layer of any chosen material, such as coral, river stones, shells lava stones, or other material.

Typically, cameos feature the profile (or any design) in a white, cream, or ivory shade.

Today, our love and nostalgia for vintage-inspired jewelry allow us to wear some favorites.

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