The Golden Rule
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The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Sometimes, the best things in life are jewelry.

In today’s blog article you will explore the beauty of gold jewelry! I’ll show you some trendy and fashionable pieces. And, I’ll give you some tips and ideas on how you can wear your favorite gold jewelry pieces.

One thing is true, gold-tone jewelry is a year-round favorite. It’s perfect for most outfits.

Check out these stylish gold-tone earrings. Use creative ways to style and wear your gold jewelry.

For minimalist look wear a long necklace over t-shirt, dress, or blouse. The gold tones will give it a more formal look, but a single strand long necklace will tone down the bling.

Detailed, cut-out earrings will give you a subtle elegance anywhere you are. Linear, extended, or drop earrings are always a hit and give you that extra feminine look.

For that extra bling-bling look, wear a multi-chain necklace or bracelet. Make a statement without overdoing the accessories.

Make a statement a look chic! For a more tailored look try a chunky gold-tone bracelet that’s a little more refined. Take this look from Winter to Spring to Summer and Fall. The beauty of gold tone jewelry is that it’s a classic, timeless accessory.

For a true classic and vintage style, these gold tone, Victorian style drop earrings will do the trick. They’re sweet!

I love this gold-tone stretch bracelet! It’s one of those must-haves! You can dress it up or dress it down. The black onyx stones give you that right amount of edgy-ness and the gold tone give you a perfect balance of chic and elegance.

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