Bridal Party, Brides, Bridesmaid, and Wedding Jewelry
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Bridal Party, Brides, Bridesmaid, and Wedding Jewelry

Bridal Party, Brides, Bridesmaid, and Wedding Jewelry

Congrats, you’re engaged!

A wedding takes quite a bit of planning. It can be a stressful time, but it can also be so much fun! One of our favorite things, besides the dress, is the accessories!

Besides the engagement ring and wedding band, choosing wedding jewelry is one of the last things on a bride’s mind. But it shouldn’t be! It’s so much fun!

Your wedding jewelry is essential to your dress.

Hmm…so how do you pick the perfect jewelry for your wedding day?

Well, ask yourself a few questions:


  • What’s your style?
  • Are you going for over the top glamourous or are you a minimalist?
  • Casual or Bohemian
  • Eclectic, or somewhere in between to styles?
  • Do you want chic or simple or bold and colorful?


We think there are a few important things to consider when choosing jewelry to go with your wedding dress. Beside’s your wedding jewelry, you also need to consider accessories for the groom and your bridal party.

Consider these few points: budget, style, color, and comfort.

Keep reading for our tips! We’re here to lend a hand for your perfect day.


With so many styles, we’ll stay with the classics. Trumpet, Mermaid, Sheath, Mini, A-line?

Is your dress strapless with an open neckline or sweetheart wedding dress? If you have a boatneck or V-neck wedding dress, you will have fun with plenty of choices. These types of dresses are perfect because anything goes well with it. From a simple chic necklace to a larger than life statement piece, to a vintage cameo or a simple pendant.

For those with a delicate high neck wedding dress, or one that has straps, a narrow or closer V-neck, you’ll want to be more selective with larger, chunky statement necklaces as they can clutter your style. So, consider a simple pendant or single crystal necklace. If your dress is too elaborate, opt out of wearing a necklace and accessorize with beautiful wedding earrings, instead.


Most wedding dresses are a shade of white, Not all whites are the same, so take the color and material into consideration when choosing the right jewelry.

If your dress is off-white, warm ivory or cream color, go for wedding jewelry pieces with warmer tones and gold plating.

If your dress is on the brighter side, with bright and stark white, try wedding jewelry with cooler tones and silver plating.

Remember to enjoy your day and your accessories.

Your only mission is to say, “I do!”, and shimmer and glow on your big day! It’s important to know that you are dressing up for you! It’s your day! Choose something that brings you joy and comfort, and that brings out your real personality.


Unleash your creative side! Use your romantic, wild and let-your-hair-go kind of imagination!

Your up-do will be perfect for linear earrings, statement earrings, drop earrings, or even subtle stud earrings!
But, don’t make your jewelry clash and don’t wear everything at once! So, if you’re wearing a statement necklace, you consider choosing stud earrings to give you the perfect balance.
If you’re wearing an up-do with high collar dress, then, go for linear earrings. This style will give you, and you’ll look chic!

For down-dos, consider statement necklace that compliments your hair. Or let your tresses do the talking and accessorize with sparkling studs or long earrings.

Hair jewelry is beautiful too. Add hairpins to your curls, or to a sleek hairstyle. Get creative with large sparkling vintage style barrettes. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re opting for a minimalist look, wear a simple bracelet or a chunky statement bracelet.


He may like something traditional. A pin for his suit pocket? Perhaps, cufflinks for his shirt. As simple as these are, they will dress up even the simplest groom attire!


Give them something gorgeous!

You should feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day, but also remember who is standing up with you! You took the time to select your party, take the time to help them choose beautiful pieces that compliment each every one of them and their personality. Keep in mind, that the accessories don’t all have to be the same, but they should be somewhat consistent.

Those lovely friends need a little pick me up, too.

Try a subtle piece for your bridesmaids. Though, they need to accessorize, have them wear something a bit low key and classic. Though all eyes are on the bride, the bridal party has to compliment her as well! A simple bracelet, a pearl necklace, Linear sexy earrings, or studs are the best way to go! If you opt for minimalist on the bridal party, try beautiful, simple matching hair pins or initial jewelry for your bridesmaids!
Your day, your choice.

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