Unleash Your Free Spirit and be T.R.U
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Unleash Your Free Spirit and be T.R.U

Unleash Your Free Spirit and be T.R.U

Some of my favorite ways to wear jewelry are strictly unconventional. Rules don’t apply in boho fashion.

Okay, some rules may apply.

I like tradition, but when it comes to accessories, well, we should be free to express ourselves!  I like eclectic, colorful, minimalist, extentric and mesmerizing all in one.

Boho  jewelry is a mix of different styles, materials and colors, some with boho charms, but, all with a free-spirit design in mind. Lots to choose from and the only challenge you may have is what to choose!!

A layered boho necklace can solve the problem. Three in one necklace is one of those pieces to dress up any outfit. You are free-spirited with a care-free vibe. This necklace is for you!


One of the perks of boho jewelry is that Boho is easily adaptable to any style such as contemporary, modern, beach-y, mountain, urban and city chic style. YES! You can be boho chic in the city! These boho earrings make it easy to get the boho look!

Boho fashion and jewelry are for the free-spirited, easy-going, laid-back, and dare-to-be-bold kind of person! This boho ring in Aztec style mandala is a year-round go-to.  


These are some T.R.U. boho jewelry pieces that are truly affordable. boho chic does not mean expensive.

These boho bracelets are gorgeous and affordable!

Boho fashion is known for its bold, out-of-the-box, world traveler, and tribal patterns.  And boho bracelets are no different! Check out this quietly bold boho chic bracelet with  a touch of Swarovski crystals!

Brass Silvertone Genuine Howlite Dyed Turquoise Oval Hinged Bracelet


For the boho minimalist in you! This T. R. U. boho bracelet is a must have.



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